Bone China Tableware Cleaning And Maintenance 

by fundspring

We should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of tableware to prolong its service life. 

First, hand wash as much as possible. Bone China is very precious. In order to prolong the service life of the porcelain and the bright color of the color, it is recommended to clean it by hand and sponge to avoid the fading of the phnom penh and color. Do not use metal cleaning ball for scrubbing, avoid scratching the porcelain. (If scratched, sand with toothpaste.) If not easy to clean the place, available lemon juice or vinegar cleaning.

Next, if must clean with dishwasher, should choose 'China and crystal funtion' dishwasher to wash. The PH value of the lotion should be between 11 and 11.5, and the water temperature should not exceed 80℃ when it is washed with clean water. And the porcelain that contains gold and platinum edge adornment is unfavorable put microwave oven to heat.

Final, do not immerse heated cutlery directly in cold water or refrigerated cutlery directly in hot water to avoid damage to qualification or rupture due to sudden changes in temperature.

Special care should be taken when cleaning bone China to avoid falling on the ground or being pressed by other heavy objects, otherwise the edges of the bone China may be damaged. After cleaning, put it in time, try to put it in the cabinet or high place, do not let children touch it.


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