How to choose Baijiu Glass?

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Baijiu is one of the oldest liquors in China and has a pivotal historical and cultural status. Drinking liquor is naturally inseparable from a liquor glass.

How to choose the Baijiu glass that suits you?

  1. How many taels liquor glasses

Liquor glasses come in different sizes and come in a variety of shapes. The large glass can hold two or three taels of wine. This size is suitable for those lovers who are addicted to alcohol. There are also some white wine glasses that are a few dollars.

  1. Liquor glass capacity

The capacity of the white wine glass is as follows. The capacity of the Korean white wine glass is about 32 ml, the capacity of the thickened glass wine glass is less than 50 ml, and the capacity of the glass white wine glass is between 100 ml and 200 ml. These are the capacity of the white wine glass. 

  1. How big is the liquor glass?

Generally speaking, whether it is a cup for home use or a hotel hotel, you will choose a liquor cup of about 2 taels in size. ​​

How to choose a white wine glass that suits you? Since the quality of white wine is not affected by wine utensils, when choosing a white wine glass, wine lovers only need to choose according to their own aesthetics and drinking habits.

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