Recommendations on 8 Japanese Style Tableware Set

by fundspring

Recommendation 1.

18 pieces of ceramic tableware, round bowl body, the advantage of orange feeling, very novel and unique, lines are very conspicuous, if you like this style can have a look, or very good.


4.5-Inch Bowl *6 (Gray *3, Green *3)

6 inch noodle bowl*2(gray*1,green*1)

8 inch plate*4 (gray*2, green*2)



Recommendation 2.

Bright glaze, 20 ceramic tableware, or very good, the pattern is also very good-looking, Japanese style tableware, collocation home is very satisfied.


4.5 inch bowl * 8

8 inch plate*4



Recommendation 3. 

46 pieces set of tableware, design and color are also pretty, Japanese ceramic suit, very good-looking, or very good.

3.8 inch Bowl x 10              4.5 inch Bowl x 10

7 inch plate *4                    8 inch plate *6

12 inch oval palte*1           6 inch bowl *2

7.5 inch Bowl *1                 8 inch bowl *1

Small spoon*10                  large spoon*1


Recommendation 4.

This Japanese tableware is unique in workmanship, with 26 sets of ceramic bowls and dishes, which are a bit like shells in the sea. It is a fashionable set of bowls and dishes.

Small spoon*8              large spoon *1

4 inch plate *2              8 inch plate *4

4.5 Inch Bowl x 8         8 inch bowl x 1

8 inch deep plate*2


Recommendation 5.

This one has a high cost performance ratio, Japanese simple style, a high cost performance ratio, warm porcelain, or very good, vertical grain bowl, relatively simple and clean, red brown edge, modern sense is very good.

7.5 Inch Plate *6

4.5 Inch Bowl *6

Chopsticks *6


Recommendation 6.

32 pieces of frosted black tableware set, Japanese Yakhei style, simple, elegant and fresh, distinct layers, gentle and steady color matching with simple and simple vitality


4.75 inch bowl * 6        3.5 inch sauce dish * 4  

6 inch bowl*2                7.5 inch bowl * 1

8 inch plate*2                8 inch deep plate*2

10 inch palte*1              10 inch deep plate*1

Large spoon*1              Small spoon*6           



Recommendation 7.

The 20 pieces of light blue cherry blossom suits are simple and natural, with classic cherry blossom patterns, delicate concave and convex lines, and elegant white, and are made by hand-painted underglaze color at high temperature. Falling flowers in profusion, increase the cute fun relaxed atmosphere.

4.5 inch bowl * 8

7 inch plate *4



Recommendation 8.

22-piece suit Japanese style, simple and elegant, quietly elegant color romantic lines, hand-painted underglaze color with a touch of ancient simplicity, just like the stars in the plain years. Contracted and natural contracted tableware, return uncut jade to return true beauty to you.


4.5 inch bowl * 8      8 inch bowl*1

7 inch plate*2           8 inch plate*2

Fish plate*1              Spoon*8

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