Types of Baijiu glasses

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Different types of wines have corresponding wine glasses. Baijiu is one of the eight major distilled wines in the world. As a unique distilled wine in China, it is colorless (or slightly yellow) and transparent, with a pure aroma and sweet taste. It is refreshing and has a high alcohol content. Liquor is one of the oldest alcohols in China and has a pivotal historical and cultural status. Drinking liquor is naturally inseparable from a liquor glass.

Types of liquor glasses

1. Glass

This kind of cup is commonly used in restaurants and restaurants, and the capacity is large or small. Generally speaking, large cups are more common in the north, which brings out the boldness of drinkers. Nowadays, some restaurants also use some thick-bottomed glass cups, some of which are more than 3 centimeters in base. The picture is of an imposing manner. Drinkers can drink it all in one go, but the capacity is not much. This kind of wine glass is suitable for booze-no matter whether there is a lot of alcohol, anyway, it can compete with Qiao Feng in terms of momentum, and it is a hero to play.

2. Ceramic cup

This kind of cup is often only available in some clubs or private kitchen restaurants, and the picture is emotional. A good porcelain cup is fair in color, with thin walls and traditional patterns on the outside. In the past, because glass was still a luxury item, porcelain cups were more common. This kind of wine glass is suitable for literary drinking - talented and beautiful women, singing the wind and the moon.

3, Earthenware cup

This kind of cup can still be seen in rural and townships in China. The texture is relatively rough, and it is often gray-brown. This kind of cup is often the standard configuration for villagers to drink together, with side dishes and peanuts, full of the characteristics of the times. So far, it can still be found in some townships and local restaurants in Hunan, Sichuan and Chongqing, as well as Jianghu restaurants. This kind of wine glass pursues earthy drink - what it wants is the taste of return and nature.

4. Standard tasting cup

With the progress of the times, the cups have also begun to be colorful. Influenced by the systematization and standardization of Western wine tasting, the domestic liquor professional circle has also begun to have standard cups. This kind of cup can collect the aroma of liquor, the cup material is good, it is easy to transmit light, and it is convenient to observe the color of the wine when tasting, and it can make it easier for the drinker to judge the four indicators of the "color, flavor and character" of the liquor.

In fact, in modern life, the emphasis on liquor glasses has always been there, but it has been simplified, but I have to admit that the ancestors still attached great importance to drinking.

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