Where to buy tea cups

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Tea cups are meant for having different types of tea. They usually have smaller handles that can be held with the thumb or with two/or three fingers. Various types of tea mugs and cups are available in the market, made of multiple materials and designs for different occasions.




There are various types of teacups available in the market. They include:


Ceramic cup

Stoneware Tea Cups

Bone China Tea Cup

Double-walled glass cups

Vintage Tea Cups

Lid Tea Cups



Features of the teacup

1. Tea should be brewed with just-boiling boiling water to stimulate the aroma of the tea, so

in order to cool the tea down as soon as possible, the cup should have a good heat dissipation, and the mouth of the cup should be open and the body of the cup should be low.

2. The teacup is light in weight, thin in wall, and has good light transmittance. Most good teacups are bone china.

3. The tea cups and saucers are beautifully decorated, and there are many designs in the cups, which are not limited to the outside.

4. In order to appreciate the color of the tea cup, the inner wall of the cup is mostly white.

5. Tea cups are mostly made of porcelain, bone china, glass and the like.

In daily life, in order to consider cost and storage issues, it is more convenient to use both in one cup, and the subtle difference in coffee or black tea taste caused by this can be ignored and harmless.

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