Wine Tools

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Tasting red wine requires suitable wine utensils, just like jewelry is like matching a beauty. Let's learn how to use common red wine utensils, so that a bottle of mellow wine can be presented in front of you in the most suitable posture.


1. Ice Buckets
Including ice buckets, ice clips, wine buckets, etc. Cool down wines that need to be tasted in an ice-cold state. The method of use is very simple, put ice and cold water into the ice bucket to the shoulder of the bottle , and the ice bucket can quickly reduce the temperature of the wine to the best temperature for drinking.


2. Bottle Opener
The corkscrew is the core tool of all wine utensils. Without the corkscrew, we would have to work hard to drink red wine. Therefore, the corkscrew is undoubtedly one of our most common drinking utensils. It is also known as "The Waiter's Friend" . The most common and most widely used corkscrew today is the "Seahorse Knife".


 3. Aluminum Foil Cutter

The foil used to cut the mouth of a wine bottle so that the wine can be opened with a corkscrew.


 4. Decanter

Many red wines need to be decanted to taste better. A decanter, also known as a decanter or decanter, is a vessel used for drinking newly fermented wine. Its function is to allow the wine to come into contact with the air, so that the aroma of the wine can be fully exerted, and the sediment in the wine can be separated.

5. Wine Pourer
The function of the wine pourer is to drain the wine, which can control the flow of the wine poured out. Some wine pourers have a drip ring, which can prevent the red wine from leaking and dripping. The wine pourer is inserted into the mouth of the bottle, and the wine can be poured by tilting it at a certain angle.


 6. Wine Dispenser

The functions of the wine dispenser are generally convenient for wine separation, separation of sediments, sobering up and increasing the sense of ritual.


 7. Wine Glass

There are many classifications of red wine glasses, including large and small champagne glasses, goblets, white wine glasses, large and small Burgundy wine glasses, large and small Bordeaux wine glasses, dessert wine glasses, etc. The main materials of red wine glasses are crystal and glass. The aroma and taste brought by the crystal glass and the glass will be slightly different. The reason is mainly caused by the difference in the roughness of the two surfaces.


8. Wine Stopper
There are different materials such as cork stopper, metal wine stopper, crystal wine stopper, vacuum wine stopper, etc., to avoid the contact and transformation of red wine with air. Vacuum stoppers are used to keep wine fresh. Using the principle of vacuuming, the red wine is in a vacuum state, so as to achieve the effect of fresh wine storage. The wine stopper also has a tapered shape, which is more convenient to use, but the preservation performance is not as good as the vacuum stopper.


9. Wine Rack
A wine rack is a rack for holding red wine, usually made of iron or copper. Usually, red wine can be placed on the wine rack as an elegant decoration.


10. Wine Cabinet
The wine cabinet is a wine cabinet used to store red wine. It has the characteristics of constant temperature and constant humidity. Like the constant temperature characteristics of a wine cellar, a wine cooler is an ideal environment for wine preservation. A wine cabinet is a space dedicated to storing wine. From the classification of materials, wine cabinets can be divided into wooden wine cabinets and electronic wine cabinets. It is different from the freezer. The quality of the wine cabinet depends on its performance: constant temperature, humidity, air circulation, vibration, imitation of ultraviolet rays, cooling effect, etc.


The wine set will not change the taste of the wine, but it will let you taste the wine differently. Because suitable wine utensils will make the wine show its most beautiful posture, and the color, aroma and taste are all waiting for you to taste.

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