Claim On Faulty/Damaged Goods

TimeofModern appreciates your orders very much! 

Our principle is to be the most professional home porcelain and glassware supplier online.

Although we are trying our best to pack the goods with high shockproof standards, there will still have a few occasions for faulty or damaged goods occurring.

For any faulty goods which do not comply with order details, or damaged items due to rough shipping, please feel free to get in touch with us! We will take full responsibility for these problems.

Please claim faulty/damaged parcel contents to TimeofModern in 3 working days after delivery of parcel.

Email clear photos for the air waybill(showing waybill numbers) and the pictures of broken items.

Meanwhile, please notify us of the order number.

Our customer service email is

The compensation will be offered after verifying the issues by our staff of customer service staff.

The compensation will be part/full refund of the order amount, or we shall send a free parcel which contains the correct goods.