8 Kitchen Gadgets Recommended

by fundspring

Among the dazzling array of kitchen utensils, some gadgets are indispensable to you. With the following things, your cooking will be more convenient.

1. Chinese-style Kitchen Knife

High Carbon Stainless Steel Chopping Knife Cleaver Kitchen Knife 7''

If you are often slicing, shredding, handling large pieces of meat, transferring ingredients with a knife, and slicing (garlic and cucumber), chopping (meat), etc., we recommend you to buy a Chinese-style slicer knife. Its blade is relatively flat. When handling ingredients, the action is basically straight up and down. With the appropriate self-weight, the knife is more powerful, which is very suitable for slicing and shredding. The knife surface is wide, which can be used for slapping, rolling, and transferring ingredients. Thicker backs are also great for smashing and loosening meat.

2. Snow Pans

304 Stainless Steel Sheeting Pan Thicken Snow Pan With Steamer

This kind of pot is well designed, with thin walls and fast heating, which is very suitable for cooking small quantities of things; it is light and easy to operate with one hand; the two-sided diversion ports are also convenient for pouring liquids. We often use it to blanch vegetables, boil instant noodles, warm milk, boil eggs... It is like a universal aid in the kitchen, and it can be used for frying and cooking.

3. Kitchen Scissors

Multifunctional Kitchen Stainless Steel Food Scissors Powerful Shears

Kitchen scissors are simply second hands in the kitchen...

It is more clean and hygienic to prepare a special pair of scissors for contact with food. Cutting food packaging bags is the most basic operation; cutting onions, herbs and other spices is a piece of cake; fried meat is directly cut into small portions, and raw meat and seafood can also be cut. Etc. The cutting edge is very sharp, can be disassembled and cleaned, can scrape fish scales, and can also open walnuts and beer bottles, with complete functions.

4. Stainless Steel Telescopic Steaming Rack

Foldable Steamer Frame Sttainless Steel Steamer Rack Steamer Insert

The opening and closing of this steaming rack can be adjusted, so it can adapt to different sizes of pots. After being opened, it can support each other with the wall of the pot, and the stability is better than that standing directly in the pot. The removable handle will not block the lid. It can also be used as a drain basket after removal.

5. Collapsible Silicone Drain Baskets

Foldable Fruit Vegetable Basket Retractable Water Filter Basket 9''

The strainers are made of TPR+PP material, environmentally friendly, hygienic, safe and healthy. It can be folded and retracted, and it is easy to store. The handle adopts humanized design, which is comfortable to hold, and the hanging design is convenient for lifting and storage. Vegetables and fruits are washed and drained directly in the basket.

6. Peeler

Zinc Alloy Rose Gold Peeler Multifunctional Peeling Paring Knife

A handy peeler is really a useful kitchen gadget.

The whole body is stainless steel, which is more durable and easy to clean. The blade is very sharp, cutting things smoothly, and the handle feels good. Peeling vegetables such as potatoes and carrots is silky and smooth, and can also peel fruits such as apples and pears.

7. Silicone Fresh-keeping Cover

Kitchen Fresh-keeping Bowl Cover Food Grade Silicone Seal Lid 6 Pcs

The sealing performance of the silicone fresh-keeping cover is much better than that of the cling film, it can be used repeatedly, and it is also very environmentally friendly.

It can not only be used on kitchen containers such as bowls, plates, and cups, but also directly on half-cut fruits. Ingredients such as lemons, onions, and avocados are often only used in half, with this fresh-keeping covers, they will be convenient to store.

There are many colors and sizes of silicone fresh-keeping cover to choose from. These silicone covers are good quality, durable, airtight, and can be sterilized at high temperatures, which is very practical.

8. Tea Infuser Ball

Tea Infuser Ball Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Spice Box



This kind of infuser is actually very common, and it is often used to put spices, so that it is not easy to be scattered when making soup. Blended teas can also be made. Reusable stainless steel seasoning balls with extended chain hooks make it easy to take out whether you're making tea in a mug or making soup in a pot.

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