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When cooking, chopping garlic is easy to contaminate the garlic smell, and the smell will not dissipate for a day. Not to mention cutting peppers for hot hands, cutting onions for hot eyes, etc.
At this time, you need a kitchen tool - a garlic stirrer. Put the garlic, peppers, and onions to be prepared directly and chop them. It will not stick to the smell and will not irritate your hands and eyes. I believe you all need it.

Compared to chopping garlic for half a day, the garlic mixer can quickly chop the minced garlic.
① First, insert the blade.
②Put the ingredients into the cooking cup. Be careful not to exceed the limit line in the cup, and the meat will be less.
③After everything is ready, touch the switch to start stirring the garlic, and let go to stop stirring the garlic.
④After finishing, pour out the ingredients.

One-key electric cutting and twisting
Usually, the minced garlic is sparsely cut for half a day, and the electric garlic stirrer completes it all at once. It is calculated that it is about 60 times per second, which is an efficiency that cannot be achieved by human hands.

The 3-leaf blade cuts from top to bottom, and no matter where the garlic is hidden in the bowl, it can be cut by the blade. There are many protruding spoiler columns in the cooking bowl to avoid the embarrassing situation that the ingredients are piled on the periphery and cannot be cut finely. Because of the design of these small details, the garlic can be cut finer and more evenly.

Multi-purpose machine for garlic/minced meat/food supplement
In addition to cutting garlic, it can also be used to cut peppers, onions, ground meat, and food supplements. Usually, the amount of ingredients used in cooking is not very large, and the capacity of the garlic mixer is just right, so there is no need to save it for the next meal.

You can easily make minced garlic, minced ginger, minced chili, minced coriander, etc. with a garlic mixer. Not only can you make one ingredient, but you can also mix and beat a variety of ingredients, such as mixing garlic and chili, to directly make garlic chili sauce, Good for cooking and dipping.
Complementary food:
In fact, the baby's appetite is very small, and should eat small and frequent meals. A small garlic stirrer is just right for supplementary food. It does not need a professional supplementary machine to grind the steamed pumpkin and purple potato into a paste.

Wireless compact body, unlimited cutting
This garlic stirrer is cordless, so you can use it anywhere you want, and you don't have to limit your ingredients to the kitchen. It is very convenient to take it with you when you have a BBQ outdoors.
As for the battery life, there is no need to worry at all. It can be charged with a power bank, a computer or even a car for a month.

After the garlic is cut, separate the main unit, the blade and the transparent cup, rinse them separately, and continue to use them next time.

The cup body that directly contacts the food is made of food-grade AS, and the blade is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the national food safety standards and can be used with confidence.

There are 6 colors, 100mL and 250ml two kinds of capacity, convenient to break various ingredients.The small garlic mixer greatly improves the happiness of cooking, reduces the cumbersomeness of cooking, and allows you to experience the joy of cooking.

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