Kitchen Gadgets: Chopping Boards

by fundspring

Among the many kitchen utensils, the cutting board occupies a very important position. We will use the cutting board to cut vegetables and meat every day, and we will also use the cutting board to cut fruits after afternoon tea or after meals.
It can be said that our life is inseparable from an easy-to-use cutting board, and it is also very important to choose a cutting board that suits you. Whether it is cutting, chopping, and slapping, its cooperation is indispensable.

Is your cutting board healthy?
We all know that ordinary solid wood cutting boards or bamboo cutting boards are easy to crack and have peculiar smell. Because the hardness of the selected wood is not enough, every time when we use it, the surface of the cutting board is damaged. It is easy to crack after long-term use, and food is easy to remain on the board, resulting in peculiar smell. Even if it is washed and wiped immediately after use, there is still moisture left on the surface of the cutting board, which will not dry out immediately, and it is easy to breed mold.

The cutting board is the thing in close contact with the ingredients, so a cutting board that has the advantages of "safe and odor-free, not hurting the blade and not easy to crack, high temperature resistance and easy to clean" is very valuable. Today, I would like to recommend a 304 stainless steel double-sided antibacterial cutting board to you.

Three kinds of materials
Three kinds of materials are used, the front is 304 stainless steel, the reverse is antibacterial ebony, and antibacterial TPR edging. Both sides are antibacterial and not easy to mold.

No mixing, no smell, dividing raw and cooked are healthier
The food-grade stainless steel surface can be used to cut fruits and vegetables, and the antibacterial ebony surface can be chopped and cut into fresh, raw and cooked.

Food grade 304 stainless steel
Food-grade 304 stainless steel, resists bacterial growth, can be in direct contact with ingredients, avoids the drawbacks of ordinary cutting boards, and is safe and hygienic.

Effectively suppresses fishy smell
When the finely polished antibacterial stainless steel surface is in contact with air and water molecules at the same time, iron ions are released to decompose the odorous molecules and restore the odorless state.

Impermeable and easy to clean, easy to take care of and more worry-free
The cutting board is not easy to be penetrated, does not hide dirt, the original ecological material, not easy to smell, easy to clean and easy to take care of.

Natural environmental protection and healthier
Selection of high-quality ebony wood, hard wood, fine structure, high density, has a certain toughness; take the whole wood to make vertical cutting, more durable. High temperature crystallization and dehydration, not easy to crack, not easy to mold, not easy to breed bacteria, can be directly contacted with ingredients, Avoid the disadvantages of ordinary bamboo cutting boards, and be healthy and hygienic.

Spill proof sink
The ring-shaped sink design prevents the water juice from flowing to the countertop when cutting vegetables, and keeps the kitchen cabinet countertop clean and hygienic at all times.

Hangable handle
The chopping board adopts a hangable handle, which is comfortable and convenient, and is more convenient to clean and hold. It can be hung for storage, ventilated and drained to release the kitchen space.

TRP hemming
The edge of the cutting board is covered with antibacterial TRP, which is safe and odor-free, and protects hands from being cut by the edge.

This product has passed the Cu antibacterial stainless steel test, and the sterilization rate is >99%. Through the special forging principle, the CU antibacterial metal element destroys the bacterial cell wall, thereby reducing the possibility of bacterial growth. You deserve to have one.

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