Product Recommendation: Stainless Steel 3-layer Steamer

by fundspring
Do you think frying food is too greasy and getting hot? Then try another cooking method.
Steaming is to use the high temperature of water vapor to heat the food without destroying the inherent nutrition of the food, and it can also lock the umami.
Therefore, steaming is also regarded as a healthy way of cooking!
Today I will recommend a three-layer steamer to everyone. 

The three-layer steamer includes a bottom pot, a pot drawer, a pot lid, and two spacers. It can be combined in various ways and can be folded and stored, saving a lot of space. It is easy to get three dishes and one soup in one pot. It is not troublesome to cook, and delicious food is at your fingertips!

Strictly selected food grade 304 stainless steel, thickened pot wall, strong and durable, quality is guaranteed, and safety is more assured.
The tempered glass lid is heat-resistant and crack-resistant, and the whole cooking process is clearly visible.

The steamer is tightly fitted with the lid of the pot, the heat does not leak, and the heat in the pot circulates three-dimensionally.
The fast cycle of steam locks the original taste of the food, and the separate steaming compartment makes the delicious taste not tainted, and the food cooks faster.

The small holes of the steaming grid are evenly distributed, and the accumulated water flows back along the diversion groove, and there will be no dripping of the returning water to affect the taste. Foods that are not soaked in water taste better.

If you think that the steamer can only be used for steaming, then you are wrong.
Remove the steaming grid, it is equivalent to a large-capacity soup pot, which can easily cook, stew, stew, shabu-shabu, etc.

Increase the height and deepen the steaming grid, which can easily accommodate various specifications of ingredients, and steam the whole fish without pressure. The steaming grid can also be used as a draining device, and freshly washed fruits and vegetables can be placed on the steaming grid to drain the water.

Three-layer composite pot body, heat conduction and magnetic conduction, suitable for all kinds of stoves. Heat storage and energy saving, also save electricity and gas, heat evenly, and conduct heat quickly. The thick and flat bottom of the pot is not easy to be deformed, and it can be placed firmly, which can better fit the stove.

Three-layer steamer, steaming on the top and cooking on the bottom, the whole table of food can be cooked at the same time, saving trouble and effort. People who don't like to cook will love the kitchen too!

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