Advantages and Disadvantage of Bone China Cup

by fundspring

In our daily life, the use of cups is indispensable. Bone China cup, is a lot of people like, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of bone China cup?


(1) Beautiful appearance

Compared with other porcelain cups, bone porcelain cups have a very delicate and beautiful appearance. Bone China has a good name of "thin as paper, white as jade, sound like a qing, bright as a mirror", and the cup made of this material, its aesthetic degree will not be bad. The surface of good quality bone porcelain cup is fine and transparent, and its shape is beautiful and elegant.

(2) Environmental protection and health

Bone China is made of animal bone charcoal mixed with clay, which does not contain lead, cadmium and other harmful chemicals to human health, environmental protection and health. With this cup of tea and coffee, people do not have to worry about the chemicals contained in the porcelain will melt in the water and enter the body.

(3) High artistic value

The production process of bone porcelain cup is very complicated and requires secondary firing, but the shape created by the complex process is very exquisite and artistic. People can use it for everyday use or collect it as a work of art.

(4) class is high

Bone China was first produced in Britain. It has been used exclusively by the British royal family and aristocrats for a long time. It is also the only high-grade porcelain recognized in the world at present, known as the king of porcelain. Bone porcelain cups made of bone China are both useful and artistic.


(1) the cost is high

Compared with traditional porcelain, bone China has better performance and more complex production techniques, so its price will be much higher than ordinary porcelain. Bone China is made by mixing calcium phosphate from herbivore bone charcoal with clay in a certain proportion, and the firing temperature of bone China is above 1200°C, which greatly increases the cost of bone China. The high price of bone China will inevitably lead to the higher price of bone China cups than other cups made of porcelain, such as ceramic cups.

(2) do not prevent hot

The thickness of bone China cup is very thin, when holding hot things, not hot. If a person directly with the hand, will feel hot to hold unstable. Therefore, when people are buying bone China cups, they had better choose cups with handles.

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