Bone China Tableware

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In recent years, bone China tableware is gradually favored by all families. So what exactly does bone China mean and is it safe?

What does bone China mean?

Bone China tableware is a kind of porcelain dining utensil which is made of animal bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw materials and twice fired by high-temperature element firing and low-temperature glaze firing. Generally, it includes bowls, plates, spoons, spoons, stews, etc. Bone China is a type of porcelain, so bone China tableware looks a lot like ceramic tableware on the outside.

According to the bone China standard set by the United Kingdom, it is called bone China if it contains 30% tricalcium phosphate from animal bones and the finished product has light transmission. The standard in the United States is at least 25 percent. European standard of good bone porcelain bone carbon content is more than 40%. Bone China tableware generally uses "head" as the unit of measurement. Common sets include 56 heads and 28 heads, etc. The average price of genuine bone China tableware is about 1,000 yuan, and the specific price depends on the number of heads. However, in general, because the original process is more complex, the price is much higher than that of ceramics.

The porcelain quality of high-quality bone China tableware is milky white, thin and delicate, transparent, beautiful and elegant, and the color surface is moist and bright. Beating with a porcelain spoon or flicking with your finger will make the sound clear and loud, and the lingering sound will be around.


Is bone China tableware safe?

Bone China tableware has a unique firing process, which will not have lead, cadmium and other heavy metals in the production process, so it can avoid similar heavy metal poisoning events.

Because animal bone meal is added to bone China tableware, the performance of the ceramic can be enhanced. Meanwhile, the main component of bone meal is calcium phosphate, which is a kind of amino acid and also a nutrient needed by the human body. Therefore, such tableware is truly healthy tableware, which can not be compared with traditional ceramics.

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