Common problems in bone China use

by fundspring

1.Does the bone China microwave work?

Most bone China products can be used in the microwave oven, but some bone China dishes with gold edges and decorative pieces can not be used in the microwave oven. If you're not sure, MAIgoo recommends looking at the product's brochure or consulting a brand salesperson.


2.Do bone China bowls go in the oven?

Bone China bowls are fired at high temperatures, so they can be used in an oven. But it must be bone China bowl with no metal rim.


3.Can bone China cup contain boiled water?

Bone China can be filled with boiling water, but be careful not to directly fill the boiling water, but first warm the bone China cup with warm water, and then pour the boiling water. Why can't bone China just pour boiling water? Because the sudden change of heat and cold can have an effect on the bone porcelain cup, it may cause it to crack.


4.Can bone China steam things?

Bone China dishes without metal edges can be steamed because bone China is strong and heat resistant, making it less prone to damage.


5.Can bone China be heated by open flame?

It is not recommended to use an open flame to heat bone China directly, as this can easily damage the porcelain.


6.How to clean and maintain bone China?

It is recommended that we wash bone China tableware by hand. When washing, we should also pay attention to the water temperature not exceeding 80 degrees Celsius. We should not use too acidic or too alkaline detergent to clean bone China tableware. If there are scratches on the bone China tableware, sand them with toothpaste to remove them.


7.How to disinfect bone China bowls?

Bone porcelain bowls can be disinfected by soaking in vinegar before they are used for the first time. In daily life, they can be disinfected by high temperature disinfection and boiling water.



8.What if bone China cups are stained?

Bone China cups can be cleaned with salt, toothpaste or vinegar if they are stained yellow. After using bone China teacups at ordinary times, it must be cleaned in time so as to avoid being stained.


9.Precautions for bone China maintenance?

Sudden cold and sudden heat should be avoided when bone China is used, otherwise it is easy to damage the porcelain; If you must use the dishwasher to clean bone China, be sure to choose the dishwasher's China mode to wash, otherwise it is easy to damage the tableware.

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