Difference between red wine glasses and white wine glasses?

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The level of contact between the wine and the air is directly related to whether the drinker can enjoy the wine better. Generally speaking, wine glass manufacturers will specialize in producing different shapes of red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne flutes according to the different requirements of the type of wine, oxidation and use temperature. Choosing the right wine glass can improve the visual effect of the wine as well as the beauty of the aroma and taste. The following will introduce you to the specific differences between white wine glasses and red wine glasses.


Appearance and characteristics of red wine glass Appearance and characteristics of white wine glass

The mouth of the cup is relatively wide

Cup belly is more round

Should be smooth and transparent

Cold and hard to prevent temperature from interfering with wine quality

The material should be smooth and transparent,

The material is cold and hard to avoid temperature interference with wine quality

Cup wall is slightly thicker

The cup belly is thinner and more U-shaped

Narrow rim, longer cup



Red Wine Glass

A red wine glass exposes the wine to more oxygen. They also have wider mouths and shorter, more rounded bodies, giving the wine more exposure to the air. A glass of red wine is usually longer so that the taster can shake the wine for further oxidation before drinking it. The act of shaking the glass can release the aromas in the wine, allowing the taster to smell more complex aromas.




White Wine Glass

White wine does not need to be oxidized like red wine. Since white wines do not contain tannins in red wines, white wines will appear sweeter and lighter in flavor. It's best to enjoy the flavor after it has cooled, at around 7 degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures reduce the aroma and flavor of the wine. Therefore, the mouth of the white wine glass will be smaller and smaller to reduce the exposure of the wine to the air. To ensure the cooling temperature of the white wine, the glass needs to be taller and thicker so that the taster can easily pick it up.

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