What are the advantages and disadvantages of bone China tableware?

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Bone China tableware is one of the tableware categories. When choosing bone China tableware, people need to consider its advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of bone China tableware?

What are the advantages of bone China tableware?

1. Delicate porcelain: soft whiteness, strong light transmittance, presenting a texture and brightness different from ordinary porcelain.

2.The vessel shape is regular: the picture bright glaze texture is better.

3. Good thermal insulation: Compared with traditional porcelain, bone China has better thermal insulation, and has more feelings when drinking coffee or making tea.

4. Environmental protection porcelain: Bone China is mostly low lead or lead free products. Because it is the basic guarantee of European and American society, it is on par with Europe and America in product quality.

5. Better strength, thinner body, lighter weight: because the composition of bone China and ordinary porcelain is different, it can be thinner, harder and wear-resistant, but because high temperature molding is more difficult, so the molding is a higher rejection rate, objectively forming a high price factor.

What are the disadvantages of bone China tableware?

1. Bone China tableware is thin, and it is easy to be scalded when food is stored at high temperature.

2. Fragile, weak impact resistance.

3. The disadvantage of bone China is that its price is much higher than that of ordinary porcelain, and it is also very difficult to obtain channels.

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