What does a brandy glass look like?

by fundspring

Brandy is an elegant and solemn wine, so pay attention to the selection of its wine glass when drinking it.



When tasting brandy, choose a tulip cup. The mouth of the cup is smaller than the belly of the cup, and the fragrance will bounce back when it hits the wall of the cup, and then mix in the middle of the cup to transform into another fragrance, which gradually evaporates.



Brandy goes better with a brandy glass. Although the brandy glass has a large capacity, the wine in the general glass should not be full to the edge of the glass. Allow some room for the brandy in the glass to breathe. A brandy glass has a short stem and a wide area that narrows as it reaches the rim. Although the actual capacity of the cup is large (240-300 ml), the amount of wine poured (about 30 ml) should not be too much.



The brandy cup is born with an aristocratic atmosphere, and it is really designed to hold brandy. The round body allows the fragrance of the century-old nectar to remain in the cup. When drinking, use the fingers of the middle finger and the ring finger to clamp the handle of the cup, let the temperature of the hand pass into the cup to warm the wine slightly, thereby increasing the taste and aroma of the wine. It is better to pour no more than 1/3.



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