Which wine go with which wine glass?

by fundspring

With the continuous improvement of modern life interest, many people will prepare some wine at home, and of course also prepare some wine glasses. Next, I will introduce to you how to pair wine with wine glasses.

A. Water: Wide-mouthed and short-legged cups, you can hold the cup legs to keep the cold water warm.

B. Brandy: a brandy wine glass with a narrow mouth and a big belly, rub it between your hands, and then cover the warm glass with your hands to produce the fragrance of brandy.

C. White wine: Use a slightly smaller glass with a wide mouth to capture the aroma of the wine, and hold the foot of the glass to retain its cold temperature.

D. Burgundy red wine: use a wide wine glass to promote its complex wine aroma. This glass is slightly taller than a white wine glass.

E. Champagne: A narrow fluted glass to reduce the surface area of ​​the wine and prevent bubbles from dissipating.

F. Red wine: the larger one in the wine glass, held at the point where the body of the glass and the foot of the glass are connected.



Wine connoisseurs agree that each wine needs a special glass to produce its distinctive aroma. For example, drinking a full-bodied Burgundy wine in a narrow glass will leave little room for the wine to swirl, but the aroma is produced by swirl. The cup must also taper to the tip appropriately so that the aroma can be retained while sipping.

Generally, the legs of the cup must be long enough to prevent the hand from touching the body of the cup, which will affect the temperature and even the aroma of the wine.

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